Gauntlet Open Gaming Weekend Oct 15-18

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Gauntlet Open Gaming Weekend Oct 15-18

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Hey, everyone!

I’m here to let everyone know that we’ve got another Gauntlet Open Gaming Weekend coming up on October 15-18. This is a free online gaming event that’s the best way to learn about playing with The Gauntlet RPG Community. Right now we’re looking for event creators! We’d love to have you set up and run your favorite indie/OSR/trad-adjacent RPGs on The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is the fertile soil from which Trophy was birthed, so I'd love to see it well-represented there!

You can learn more details about the event at The Gauntlet’s web site.

You can register for access to our calendar of games at our official Firebase site.

If you’d like to run a session or three, contact me at gauntletopengaming at gmail and I will set you up as a game runner!

We’re opening events for sign-up on October 1 so you’ve got 2 weeks or so to come up with some great events. We’re happy to host playtests and dry runs of hacks, and all of our sessions require the use of Safety Tools of some kind, you can find details at the web site.

Please join us as a GM any time between now and October 1, sign up for events starting October 1, and get ready to play on October 15-18. You can hit me here with any questions about any aspect of the event.
Jim Crocker
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