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Re: New Topic Ideas

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Dear Phil and Senda,

To start off I have not missed an episode. And if I did, I went back to catch it, so I did not miss it. :-) I have a topic question/idea for you. Since we are in the month of May there is a very special day coming up for us gamers. The birth of one, you know it and say it with me "LEEEERRRROOOYY JANKINS!!!". (May 11th, 2005). yes this makes him 17 now. Time flies.
Anyhow to the topic have for you. Ever had someone pull a Leroy Jenkins, Run off and do something different then the party, during one of your games? How would you handle this as a GM and a Player?
Keep up the great podcast and I will keep up on every episode. Thank you again!!!!

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Re: New Topic Ideas

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I do have a story for this and we can talk about the pitfalls of "goin' Leroy". I will add it to the topic pile.
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