Modern Supernatural

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Modern Supernatural

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just dropping a few lines re modern supernatural shows, the shows Buffy and Supernatural is not the only ones out there

The Magicians - college folks dealing with being magicians and a pretty nasty foe. Some adult themes in this one, not for folks under 15.
A few trips to a parallel world. Could easily use some of this stuff in Mage Ascension or Monster of the Week game.

The Grimm - Police detective and his pals get drawn further and further into a shapeshifter covert war for supremacy. Good example of side characters being drawn in and having spotlight time. Good acting and range of creatures. Most of this could slot into the Buffyverse or Supernatural without change.

Penny Dreadful - set in 1850 London. This show has some dark stuff, not for folks under 18. Every character has a solid story arc, the bad guys are not morons, and who is good/bad changes over time. I enjoyed this series but I had to take breaks. The acting and settings are excellent.
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Jared Rascher
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Re: Modern Supernatural

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I still need to watch the final season, but I enjoyed Grimm.

I need to get past the first half-season of the Magicians. It felt a bit slow, but I've been told once I get to that point, it picks up considerably.

I'm also currently watching the 3rd season of Wynnona Earp.
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Re: Modern Supernatural


I liked Penny Dreadful for a while, but the series seemed to lose steam (and me) by season 2.

I like the concept though.
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