New feature: Tagging people on the forums!

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New feature: Tagging people on the forums!

Post by RobAbrazado »

Hi, everyone. We've installed a new feature on the Forums site that will allow you to tag people into a discussion! In the BBCode editor, you can surround someone's username with the "mention" tag enclosed in square brackets, like this:

Code: Select all

Even better, as a shortcut, if you type the "@" symbol and start typing a username, you should get a shortcut menu that will let you select a username and the code will be entered for you.

When someone is "mentioned" in this way, they receive a notification about it, and then hopefully they'll join the conversation!

As far as I can tell, this functionality doesn't show up as anything new in the editor, so I'm just making an announcement so you all know it's there.

Thanks, everyone!
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Re: New feature: Tagging people on the forums!

Post by pksullivan »

Thanks, [mention]RobAbrazado[/mention]!
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